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Aesthetical dermatology

Our practice offers you a widespread spectrum of aesthetical medical treatments, which restore the fresh, relaxed and vital look of the skin or cure disturbing variations of the skin.

To become acquainted with our patients in their individuality, to understand their wishes and to implement them, we set great value on an extensive, personal consultation hour. If loss of volume, expression wrinkles or other variations of the skin - we find the appropriate solution for your problem. in fact this can be a combination of multiple procedures.

Our practice works with the newest scientific findings and stands for quality and security on the highest medical level. We possess experience from more than 15 years about the aesthetical dermatology and we use only the most innovative and effective treatments.

To our minds, beauty is not just perfection, but has a close relation to charisma and contentment.
Our success is based in the naturalness of the results and this is also conform to the philosophy of our practice.

Place your trust in us, and we will help you to bring the natural shine into your facial expression.


The cellulitis (also called orange peel skin) means a development of dents in the skin, which occur mainly at the tights, upper arm, hips and at the bottom. Females are predominantly concerned by cellulitis.

The occurrence depends on the genetic endowment, as also on the age, the weight and the sportive activities. Athletic training and the reduction of the body weight can have a positive influence on the cellulitis . Also the so called microneedling turned out to be efficient.
It stimulates the production of collagen and tightens the tissue. At slight forms of cellulitis the mesotherapy und die electro mesotherapy and the electro mesotherapy are used.

Stretch marks:

Stretch marks (striae) can occur either by a fast growth, a intense gain of weight, or while pregnancy. Recent developed stretch marks have a red color and get brighter in the course of time.
With the aid of the fractionated laser therapy this process can be sped up, the tissue can be tightened and the marks can be narrowed.
The microneedling ,the mesotherapy and the electro mesotherapy also have a positive influence on stretch marks. Unfortunately an entire elimination of stretch marks is not possible, because it is a scarred condition of the skin.

Spider veins:

Spider veins are fine, reticular veins of the skin surface, which gleam through in a blue color.
The occur quite often at the legs of females, but they can also develop at the cleavage or the back. They can be removed by the cauterizing therapy or the vessel laser.

Medical foot care:

The medical foot care is the care of the feet in the medical sense. It is recommended if you suffer from a special disease of the feet or the toenails, or if you are afflicted by diabetes. .
For several diseases, a concomitantly medical foot care can accelerate the healing process. By the professional treatment of the sickened areas a relief and alleviation of pain can be achieved. Professional applied nail clips helps with ingrown nails. Pressure weals are removed carefully and thickened nails are adequately reduced.

Permanent hair removal:

The permanent hair removal is a procedure to remove disturbing body hairs, by removing the hair together with the root of the hair.
For this treatment we use the flash lamp as well as the laser. Immoderate hair growth at the legs, arms, face or the bikini zone can be more than just a cosmetic problem for women. Sometimes also a hormonal disease causes these problems. But also males are often affected by excessive hair-growth. By the help of the permanent hair removal, the body hair is removed by the selective destruction of the root of the hair.
This happens either by an high-energy light beam at the flash light treatment or by laser rays at the laser epilation.

Botulinum toxin-A against sweating:

Botox is not only used in the aesthetic dermatology, it is also applied to prevent abnormal, excessive transpiration. .

Excessive transpiration at the armpits, palm of the hands or feet can be a strain and affect the social life. The condition of many patients can be improved by applying aluminum chloride salt or the taking of anti-cholinergic drugs. If these measures are not successful, also the injection of botulinum toxin-a comes into consideration. This leads to a reliable ebbing of the sweat production and is repeated every 6-12 month, because at this time the impact of botulinum toxin is fading.

Horizontal wrinkles:

Horizontal wrinkles are the transversal wrinkles on the forehead which occur by muscle tension. A very good way to relax the exorbitant active muscles is the treatment with botulinum toxin-A, but also injections below the skin with hyaluronic acid come into consideration.

Frown lines:

The skin fold between the eyebrows is also described as anger fold, because it can provide a discontented or angry facial expression. Here also the muscles can be relaxed and the fold can be flattened by the help of botulinum toxin-A.


KCrows-feet is the colloquial term for wrinkles in the area around the eyes, because they are reminiscent with their actinomorphic structure of real crows feet. For slight crows-feet the skin can be bolstered up with the help of the electro mesotherapy. For deep crows-feet the skin can be treated with botulinum toxin-A. Alternatively a laser lifting with the fractionated CO2 laser comes into consideration.

Eyebrow lifting::

When it comes to a descent of the eyebrows, because of the loss of elasticity from the connective tissue and the skin, it leads to an excess of skin, which pushes on the eyelids and declares a tired facial expression By the specific injection of botulinum toxin-A or by injections of hyaluronic acid below the skin, the eyebrow can be raised.

Laser lifting:

Laser lifting is the scalpell-free up-tightening of the skin by the use of the fractionated CO2 laser. This treatment is applicable for hooded eyelids and creases in the area around the eye.

Circumorbital rings:

Circumorbital rings are the dark, bluish or shady discolored skin areas around the eyes. The occur by a decrease of the subcutaneous fatty tissue and the thinning skin. The blood vessels shimmer through the skin and can lead to dark rings. A very effective treatment of eye rings is the relining of the skin with hyaluronic acid.

Nasolabial fold:

he nasolabial fold is the impression which leads from both sides of the upper end of the nasal wings to the sides of the labial angle. While young age, initially a fine line appears, which can deepen in the course of time. An effective treatment for the nasolabial fold is the injection of hyaluronic acid below the skin.

Augmentation of the cheek:

In the course of the skin aging, it comes to a sagging of the facial outline. Especially the juvenile, full cheek area loses volume and shrinks increasingly. It turned out, that a highly cured hyaluronic acid is ideally suited to compensate this loss of volume and to outline the cheek area in a youthful way.


The cheeks and the décolleté are the major areas, where creases can appear. Slightly distinctive creases can be treated with the electro mesotherapy. gebessert werden. For deeper creases the mesotherapy comes into consideration.

Facial erythrosis:

The facial erythrosis is an inherited vascular dilatation (telangiectasia) in the facial area. It occurs mostly from the age of thirty as a pre form of the rosacea. In the early stage a temporary reddening on the nose and the cheeks occurs. But on multiple appearance, the reddening persists in consequence of a congestion in the capillaries. Then, these congestions lead to a lasting vascular dilatation. The facial erythrosis can be treated very well with the vascular laser.

Upper lip folds:

Fine wrinkles of the upper lip are very disturbing for many women, because the outline of the lips is disrupted and the appliance of lipstick is aggravated. Depending on the degree of severity, the upper lip folds can be treated with the fractioned CO2-Laser oder hyaluronic acid.

Lip filling:

Especially prominent actors are unfortunately often a negative example for exaggerated lip fillings. Thereby the lips can be shaped very discreet and natural with the aid of hyaluronic acid.

Marionette creases:

Marionette creases are the wrinkles which lead from the labial angles to the chin. They can declare a grumpy expression. Also marionette creases can be filled up with hyaluronic acid. See also hyaluronic acid treatments.

Dimpled chin:

A dimpled chin is an indentation at the chin, which is caused by an increased activity of the muscles in this area. The dimpled chin can be treated with the aid of botulinum toxin-A.

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