Lips of young woman


With the aid of hyaluronic acid also the lips can be remodeled in their shape. By this, they appear more aesthetic and fuller, but they also keep their natural outline. Hyaluronic acid is a smooth gel, which fits on a very natural way into the lips. Also the armor bow and the so called philtrum (fold from the upper lip to the nose) can regain their natural volume.

This injection is also very useful to remodel the outline of the lips and to compensate fine wrinkles at the red of the lips.

Even loose-hanging labial angles can be risen with an injection of hyaluronic acid to result in an overall friendlier mouth section with a positive charisma. Filling up lips reputably, means a modest and harmonic volume expanding.

In a personal consultation, we can plan your individual mouth together. Because the lips are quite sensitive, we can apply a anesthesia on your request, to arrange the treatment as comfortable as possible.

How is my appearance right after the treatment?

Right after the treatment your lips will be swollen by the injection, so the result will look exaggerated. Normally this swelling regresses fast.

How long does the effect last?

The effect of the injected hyaluronic acid lasts form six to twelve month. After this time the treatment should be repeated to maintain the desired appearance.