Anwendung eines Hautlasers

Laser treatments

In our practice we only use established and high quality lasers and flashing light systems.
The laser is already used for dermatological applications since the eighties and subsequently the technology advanced rapidly. So today several specific laser systems are available.

Depending on the structure, it is specifically hit by the laser and removed with the highest possible protection of the skin. Thereby we distinguish between lasers which remove the superficial layers of the skin and lasers which do not affect the skin.
With the removing lasers disturbing growths can be removed specifically. Among these laser systems are the CO2-laser and the erbium YAG Laser. After the therapy with these lasers, the skin presents a small abrasion.

The aim is a scar-free healing. If this is achievable depends on the fact, if it is used above the scar zone.

Other laser systems operate virtually below the skin, among them are the vascular lasers, like the longtime pulsed neodymium YAG laser or the KTP laser..
With their help vessels can be removed without the surface of the skin is getting sore.

An important status in the dermatology have the high quality flashing light systems. They remove disturbing marks with the help of very strong light pulses. They are very versatile usable and especially gentle to the skin.

Dr. Schröder already has practical experience with the laser therapy since 1995 and acquired the qualification as a laser protection representative in 1998.
Based on this extensive wealth of experience, the treatments with the laser take place with a high routine and precaution. Concomitantly, the team of the practice offers you many tips and hints on the care of the skin, before and after the therapy with the laser or the flashing light.

The following treatments are performed with the laser or the flashing light: