Spiderveins treatment

Spider veins

How do spider veins emerge?

The disposition for the development of spider veins is inherited. At females, the spider veins occur by the influence of female sex hormones, whilst or after the puberty and they can be stimulated by pregnancies.
Further possibilities are excess of weight or long-time standing in occupation. Spider veins mainly occur at the outside of the tights, but they can also develop extensively at the whole leg.

Can spider veins cause any complaints?

First of all spider veins are an optical disturbance for the affected person. In a few cases, they can trigger a slight pain, especially while the menstruation. In contrary to bigger varices (varicose veins), spider veins do not lead to serious complaints.

How can spider veins be effectively removed?

The longest used method for the treatment of spider veins is the sclerosing (atrophy).
The concept of the atrophying treatment is to inject a fluid into the dilated vein to cause an irritation of the vascular wall which leads to a closing of the vein. A more modern possibility to remove the dilated vessels is the treatment with an special laser (long-pulsed neodymium YAG laser).
In so doing, the dilated vein is destroyed by an aimed impact of heat.

These two side effect-less and little painful methods can be performed in an outpatient treatment and can be repeated as often as necessary.

What are the possible disadvantages of a sclerosing treatment of spider veins?

At the sclerosing treatment, the injection of the agent causes a slightly burning pain for a few seconds. Often the treatment provokes the development of small bruises or a light vein-inflammation, visible by a temporary bluish coloring of the vessels.

After the therapy, sometimes a brownish pigmentation of the skin in the area of the injection occurs, which fades away within a few month.

What are the possible disadvantages of the laser treatment?

Straight after the treatment, the skin can be reddened or slightly swollen for a few hours. Unusually, very small scabs can occur after a few days.
After the therapy, a brownish or grayish shadow of the original spider veins can remain visible, which disappears after a few days or weeks.

What has to be considered after the sclerosing/laser treatment?

After the sclerosing treatment you should move frequently, which means walking around or bicycling. Avoid long standing or seating and do not visit the sauna for 8 to ten days and avoid direct sun irradiation.

To improve the result of the therapy, you should wear compression stockings for 14 days. Small patches or cotton rolls are bond to the injection area, which can be removed at the same day.

In the first 14 days after the laser therapy, a strong rise of temperature of the treated areas should be avoided (e.g. by sauna visits, full-baths, sun irradiation).