cheeks of a young woman

Liquid lifting

The liquid lifting is a scalpel free lifting of the face, whereby the skin is not pulled tight as at a classical facelift. On the contrary the outline of the face gains more fullness, because aging comes along with a loss of volume.

In course of the natural aging process the face looses volume and tension, the skin and the soft tissue are sinking. By this sinking the nasolabial fold and the flabby cheeks besides the chin are emphasized. The face changes its former, juvenile outline and appears more tired and older.
With the aid of highly linked hyaluronic acid, the liquid lifting compensates this loss of volume.
By directed and widespread application of volume, he juvenile outline of the face is recreated and the depending sections like the nasolabial fold are vicariously lifted. can illustrate this effect by pinching your cheeks between the thumb and the index finger to simulate the expected lifting effect.
hanks to new developed needle techniques the liquid lifting is astonishingly free of adverse effects. It is like a face lifting in the lunch time.

Most of the patients are social acceptable after the treatment and they can reassume their job-related or social daily routine.

AAlso for the liquid lifting, we exclusively use high quality and well compatible hyaluronic acid.

How does the liquid lifting take place?

After a detailed analysis, the areas to be treated are determined. On request an anesthetic ointment can be applied to the skin. In the following, the hyaluronic acid is injected in the desired amount.
Because the used supplements contain a local anesthetic, the injection is nearly free of pain. Often a wide skin area can be relined with only one injection.
To distribute the hyaluronic acid homogeneously in the tissue, a soft massage of the treated face area is following.

The treatment takes about 30 minutes.

What has to be considered after the treatment?

Directly after the treatment, exhausting sportive activities, sunbathes and sauna visits should be avoided.
A bruise can occur, which can be visible for a few days. This bruise can be covered with the help of a good makeup. Concerning this, you can also ask the medical cosmeticians in the practice.

Basically you can pursue your everyday business directly after the liquid lifting.

The result of the treatment even improves in the following weeks, because the hyaluronic acid absorbs more water and induces a subsequent lifting effect.