Our cosmetican at a sandblasting treatment

Sandblasting peeling

The sandblasting peeling is a treatment for the improvement of the outward appearance of your skin. It is a medically reasonable and effective therapy for light acne scars and large-pored skin, as well as for designated cornification disorders. Among them are intensified horn developments at the upper arms or the cheeks, which is also called grater-skin.

What has to be considered before the treatment?

With acute skin inflammations and infections (e.g. herpes simplex), no sandblasting peeling will be performed.

What happens at the sandblasting peeling?

At the sandblasting peeling, a controlled mechanical removal of the superficial skin layers is carried out. The crystals are blasted onto the skin with high speed and sucked of by a vacuum.

How is the sandblasting peeling performed?

At the sandblasting peeling, a hand-piece is wielded over the skin by the help of a vacuum- pressure-systems. In so doing, fine micro-crystals remove the dead skin-cells from the skin. At this therapy, our medical cosmeticians can modify the intensity of the treatment, depending on the state of the skin and the treatment outcome. At a treatment with lower intensity, the skin appearance will become more even and smoother. At a higher abrasion, the regeneration of the skin-cells is stimulated with the aim to reduce small scars and pigment disorders. The skin is particular absorptive after the sandblasting peeling. This is used to infiltrate the skin with regenerating and moisturizing agents, by the help of the electro mesotherapy.

What is the effect of the sandblasting peeling on the skin?

The sandblasting peeling (microdermabrasion) stimulates the regeneration of the skin-cells and increases the blood flow. After several treatments in a row, a significant improvement of the skin appearance is noticeable. The natural self-healing process and the production of collagen and elastic filaments is improved.
The result is an even and tight complexion. In the long run, this therapy provides a regeneration of light-aggrieved cells, scars are getting lighter, flatter and smaller.

The sandblasting peeling comes into consideration for:

  • Wrinkles and creases
  • Pigment marks
  • Large-porosity
  • Acne-scars
  • Hypercornifications (Hyperkeratosis)
  • Before every agent treatment (electro mesotherapy)
  • Mature skin

How many treatments are necessary?

Mostly multiple sessions are necessary, whereas the exact number depends on the state of the skin, the type of the skin and the treated skin issue.
As a rule, 5 to 10 treatments are recommended.

What has to be considered after the treatment?

After the treatment the skin can be reddened and diaphoretic activities like sport, sun-bathes and sauna visits should be avoided at this day. Additionally you should be mindful of a sufficient sun protection.