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Wrinkle treatment

Also for the filling of superficial or deep wrinkles we mainly use hyaluronic acid.
The most requested treatment is the injection into the nasolabial fold but also the the area around the chin including the so called marionette creases can be treated very well with hyaluronic acid. According to the depth of the wrinkles, different grades of cross-linked hyaluronic acids are applied. High linked material, which has a longer durability, is used to fill-up deep wrinkles. Unlinked hyaluronic acid is superficially injected into the skin with finest needles and helps tired and slackened skin to more elasticity.

How do wrinkles occur?

The causes for wrinkles in the face is the natural aging process and the individual disposition. But also external influences like the sunlight as also as the lifestyle habits (e.g. smoking or frequent solarium usage) play an important role at the development of wrinkles. Another important factor is the mimic activity of the small muscles under the skin, which are often put to use unconsciously.

Which skin areas can be treated?

  • Superficial and fine wrinkles e.g. upper lip folds, wrinkles on the forehead, the corner of the eye
  • Average or deep wrinkles like the nasolabial folds or the marionette creases
  • Circumorbital rings
  • Earlobes
  • Hands

Nasolabial fold:

The nasolabial fold is the impression which leads from both sides of the upper end of the nasal wings to the sides of the labial angle. While young age, initially a fine line appears, which can deepen in the course of time. An effective treatment for the nasolabial fold is the injection of hyaluronic acid below the skin.

Upper lip folds:

Fine wrinkles of the upper lip are very disturbing for many women, because the outline of the lips is disrupted and the appliance of lipstick is aggravated. Depending on the degree of severity, the upper lip folds can be treated with the fractioned CO2-Laser or hyaluronic acid.

Marionette creases:

Marionette creases are the wrinkles which lead from the labial angles to the chin. They can declare a grumpy expression. Also marionette creases can be filled up with hyaluronic acid.

Circumorbital rings:

Circumorbital rings are the dark, bluish or shady discolored skin areas around the eyes. The occur by a decrease of the subcutaneous fatty tissue and the thinning skin. The blood vessels shimmer through the skin and can lead to dark rings. A very effective treatment of eye rings is the relining of the skin with hyaluronic acid.


It is most likely our hands, where you can read the age of a person. In the course of time also the skin at the back of the hand looses elasticity and appears slackened. With hyaluronic acid, we have the ability to provide your hands new fullness and a juvenile appearance.
In the future you will show your hands in public with pleasure.

How long does the effect last?

The effect lasts for 6-18 month, depending on the area and can be repeated at any time. According to the depth of the wrinkles, different grades of cross-linked hyaluronic acids are applied. High linked material, which has a longer durability, is used to fill-up deep wrinkles, for the augmentation of the cheek or for the liquid lifting. Unlinked hyaluronic acid is injected with finest needles and restores the elasticity of tired and slackened skin. Unlinked hyaluronic acid is absorbed faster and the treatments are repeated in regular intervals. Also for deeper wrinkles a so called touch up, a re-injection after six month, provides a longer durability of the effect.

How long takes the treatment and is an anesthesia necessary?

Normally the treatment takes 15 to 30 minutes. As the need arises, an anesthetic ointment is applied to the treated areas of the skin. Some hyaluronic acid gels also contain a local anesthetic, so that the injection is almost free of pain.

Are there any possible adverse effects?

Generally the hyaluronic acid is well-tolerated and adverse effects are extremely rare. Possible side effects can be allergic reactions, a slight reddening and swellings. While a few hours after the injection you should not manipulate the treated areas with your fingers (rubbing, squeezing, kneading) to prevent impurities. In extremely rare cases nodules can occur among the skin. A fundamental benefit of the hyaluronic acid is the fact, that they can be removed by the help of an enzyme (hyaluronidase).