Botox Markierungen

Botulinum toxin-A treatments

Botulinum toxin-A - for short botox is a protein, which is used for a long time in the aesthetic dermatology for the therapy of mimic wrinkles.
It is directly injected into the overly active musculature. As a result, the muscle relaxes and the skin above it flattens.

The musculature of the face is tightly connected to the skin of the face. If you tense up these muscles, visible wrinkles occur. In the course of life unfortunately, many of these wrinkles also persist in the relaxed state of the face.

Botulinum toxin-A is used for more than 30 years in relative high doses for the treatment of pathological muscle cramps (spasms), particularly at children. Due to this botox is suited for the treatment of mimic wrinkles. This knowledge is used in the aesthetic medicine since the beginning of the nineties, to flatten mimic wrinkles.

Many wrinkles someone got in course of ones life are not disturbing. But many wrinkles can evoke a disgruntled or angry facial expression. Mimic folds appear mainly in the area of the forehead, the eyes (crows-feet) or the root of the nose (anger wrinkle). The aim of the botox treatment is the relaxation of the facial muscles and a flattening of the already existing wrinkles.

Which wrinkles can be treated with botulinum toxin-A?

Botox suits very good for:

  • Folds at the decollete
  • Anger wrinkle (root of the nose)
  • Wrinkles on the forehead
  • Crows-feet (eyes)

How does the therapy take place?

Botulinum toxin-A is injected in a low dose with a very fine needle exactly into the desired areas. Despite a gentle twitch, hardly nothing can be felt. The treatment itself just takes a few minutes.
The final and satisfactory result is visible after 3-7 days. The outcome lasts for 3-6 month.

Are there any possible adverse effects?

As a trained user and member of the german association for botulinum toxin we exclusively choose save points for injection. Adverse effects are very rare. At the use of botulinum toxin-A , we set a special value on a natural facial expression. We take no stock in a mimic numbness.
Complications are very rare. At the puncture sites, temporary small bruises or a reddening can occur. In unusual cases a headache can occur 24 hours after the injection.

Can I pursue my everyday occupations after the treatment?

After the botox treatment you can pursue your common activities immediately. However you should not massage the treated areas, do exhausting fitness exercises or visit the sauna the day after the injection.

Which possibilities exist if the result is not enough for me?

If the relaxation of the mimic musculature is not enough to provide a satisfying flattening of the wrinkles, a combined injection of hyaluronic acid can be useful.

In which cases can a treatment not be carried out?

Botulinum toxin-A is not suitable for people who suffer from a hypersensitivity against the pharmaceutical or any ingredients of the pharmaceutical or from a general malfunction of the muscle activity.
Also at infected puncture areas, at specific viral diseases like herpes or at neuromuscular malfunctions, the medical product should not be used.
As a precaution, pregnant women and breast-feeding mothers can not be treated with botulinum toxin-A. At the intake of anti coagulatory pharmaceuticals the development of small bruises is more probable, in agreement with the doctor, a therapy is nevertheless possible.

With the help of botulinum toxin-A the abnormal sweating in the armpits can be reliably treated. This disease is described as hyperhidrosis.


the hyperhidrosis is a pathologic intensified sweat production in the armpits, at the hands or at the bottom of the feet. The level of suffering is very high for the affected patients, because the everyday life is impacted negatively by the amplified sweating.

Which forms of therapy exist?

There are a number of treatments, like the therapy with ammonium salts, iontophoresis, pills or an operation.
A very effective therapy is also the injection of botulinum toxin-A..

How does the treatment take place and how long does the effect last?

Small amounts of botulinum toxin-A are injected into the skin with finest needles. Thus the intensified sweat production is abolished for about six month. Then the therapy will be repeated. The treatment of the hyperhidrosis with botulinum toxin is very effective and mostly leads to an entirely drying up of the sweat production.