Young woman at facial peeling


The term peelings includes many different methods, which can be used to treat skin blemishes and wrinkles. Thereby the natural shedding process of dead skin cells is supported and the renewal of the cells is stimulated. By this, the skin can accumulate water better and appears softer and smoother.

The history of peeling is quite old. Already in the ancient egypt, treatments should have been usual, which are equal to the contemporary superficial peeling. In the Turkish bath (hammam) a tradition full-body treatment is performed, by the use of a goat hair glove. In europe, the peeling is common since 1960.

Which aspects of the skin can be improved by peelings?

  • Pigment spots
  • Lines, wrinkles, creases
  • Skin impurities, enlarged pores
  • Designated forms of acne
  • Hyperkeratosis
  • Scars and acne scars

IWe offer you different peelings in our practice.
The fruit acid peeling s used for the treatment of acne, impure and large-pored skin, as well as for couperosis and pigment spots.
The salicylic acid peeling is suited for nearly every type of skin, but especially for the treatment of acne and maturely and light impaired skin.
The sandblasting peeling s recommended for the treatment of simple acne scars and cornification disorders.

We would like to advise you, in order to arrange the best suitable treatment plan for you.