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Laser lifting

The fractionated CO2-laser therapy advancement of the treatment of the skin with carbon dioxide lasers (CO2-laser).

In former times a so called skin resurfacing has been performed, a quite invasive procedure, where the entire superficial layer of the skin has been removed in order to stimulate the restructuring of the skin. This procedure is now replaced by the fractionated laser therapy, where just a few micro spots are applied to the skin and thus a recreation of collagen and a restructuring of the skin is induced in the deeper layers of the skin.

his process suits especially for a sustainable therapy of the creases around the mouth and for the scalpel-free treatment of hooded eyelids and eye creases (crows-feet).

After the application of an anesthetic ointment the skin is read by a scanner and micro-fine light columns are emitted netlike into the skin.
the patients fell a gentle prickle on the skin. Subsequently the skin is slightly reddened and sometimes a bit swollen. Finest scabs appear on the skin.
After 3-7 days the skin is entirely healed.


Micro laser beams accurately remove smallest tissue cylinders.

Beginning of collagen rebuilding

Surface already closed and beginning of collagen rebuilding.

Beginning of collagen rebuilding

For which purposes can the eCO2-laser system be used?

  • Laser lifting (scalpel-free treatment of slight hooded eyelids)
  • Skin renewal (skin rejuvenation) of the face (also eyelids)/neck/decollete etc.
  • Scars and acnescars
  • Light-damaged skin
  • Pore reduction
  • Pigment variances
  • Stretch marks

How does the laser work?

The laser beam is an high-energy, focused light which is pointed directly at the skin.
Due to the patented technology of the eCO2-system, equally spread micro-laser-beams with a diameter of 0,12 to 1 mm can be produced. Thereby, the skin is selectively vaporized to a depth of over 1 mm, where the laser impacts. The aim is to treat just 10 to a maximum of 20 percent of the skin in each session (fractionated technology). The surrounding healthy tissue benefits a fast regeneration of the skin.

After a few days the laser-treated skin spots reveal a fine scab development, which is repelled gradually within one week. the regeneration process of the skin begins. While this period the skin can appear a bit darker, what can easily be veiled with a makeup.

Does the laser treatment hurt?

The laser light evokes a warm, prickling, at some areas stitching effect on the skin. The occurring pain is generally well tolerated, because a anesthetic ointment is applied before the therapy, which reduces the sense of pain.

Please address us to this method if you have any questions.

Are there any adverse effects?

With a correct use of the laser, usually scabs or a reddening and slight swellings will be visible, initially also a feeling of heat and tenseness similar to a sunburn and possibly micro-bleedings.
In rare cases, besides the scab development, a light blain formation and a hyper- or hypo-pigmentation is been described.

What has to be considered for the follow-up?

The most important behavioral rules are a consequent sun protection and the care of the treated skin with special hydrating creams according to our recommendations.

Am I social acceptable after the treatment?

The so called downtime (social dead time due to visible mutations at the skin surface) is quite short in light of the achieved effect and takes 3-7 days.
That is why we speak of skin rejuvenation.

How many treatments are necessary?

he success of an laser treatment depends on the individual demand of the patient. For most of the purposes one to three sessions can be expected. Further informations and in general facts about the aesthetic laser treatment can be received from our therapists.

Please direct your inquiry to us.

What has also to be kept in mind?

Please tell us if a disease is identified or if pharmaceuticals are taken. Avoid the sauna for one week after the treatment, because the skin is already stressed with heat by the laser spots and needs a light cooling instead.