Behandlung mit einem Gefäßlaser

Treatment of dilated vessels

The vascular lasers are adapted to the wavelength of the blood colorant and they specifically destroy the vascular structures among the skin, without hurting the superficial skin layers. In other words, the epidermis is left intact at this therapy.

Alternative to the vascular laser, we also use high-energy light for the treatment of facial erythrosis and the rosacea.

The following vascular structures can be removed by the vascular laser:

  • Teleangiectasia (dilated vessels in the face)
  • Spider veins
  • Facial erythrosis/rosacea
  • Angiomas (hemangiomas)
  • Spider-nevi (star-angioma))

How does the therapy take place?

In advance, the skin area will be slightly cooled, to keep the impact of heat from the laser as low as possible. Subsequently the laser head will be lead over the skin. The impulse of the laser might be felt as a slight stitching.

What can be felt while the treatment?

The patients feel a slight twitching in the skin.

What does my skin look like, after the therapy?

Subsequent to the treatment the skin is slightly reddened and sometimes a bit swollen. This fades away within a few hours or days.
Because the surface of the skin is not affected, a medical makeup can immediately be applied on demand.

To improve the healing of the skin, the following facts should be attended:

  • Protect your skin from direct sunlight (also the solarium) for a period of two weeks after the therapy, to prevent pigment abnormalities! (Light protection factor 50+, preferably no exposure to the bare sunlight.)
  • Up to four weeks after the treatment, a strong temperature rise of the treated skin should be avoided. (For example the visit of a sauna)
  • Please do not have a full-bath within the first few days after the laser therapy
  • Skin care ointments and tinting cremes can already be used at the first day after the treatment.