Woman at cosmetic treatment

Salicylic acid peeling

Also the salicylic acid peeling is a form of treatment which is used additionally to the acne therapy and to the enhancement of the skin appearance at coarse-pored and sebaceous skin.

Salicylic acid can be found in the nature mainly in wine barks, which is used for a long time for the treatment of several skin diseases. Salicylic acid is capable to loose the connections between the single skin-cells, what eases the removal of dead skin parts. Simultaneously it stimulates the neoformation of the skin layer beneath.
So, the outward appearance of the skin is improved with every further peeling.

Is the salicylic acid peeling suitable for my skin?

Generally, the salicylic acid peeling is qualified for every type of skin. For a very sensitive skin, rather a fruit acid peeling is recommended. The number of necessary peelings depends on the type of skin and the desired treatment outcome.
Usually the peeling is repeated every 2-4 weeks.

How are salicylic acid peelings performed?

After an exhaustive cleaning of the skin, the application of the salicylic acid lotion is followed. After a short while the skin slightly starts to burn, which is a sign of the effect.
The formed saline crystals are gently removed from the skin and a moisturizer is applied. Now already, the skin feels soft and smooth. In the following days, the skin might peel itself and be reddened. The professional cosmetician will explain you the proper skin care for this period. On demand, a makeup can be used. Intensive sun exposition or solariums should be avoided.