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The mesotherapy is a treatment, whereby vitamins, nutrients and enzymes are embedded with very fine needles into the medial skin layer. The concentrated agents are brought directly to the target, so very low doses are sufficient.

Which fields of application exist for the mesotherapy?

There are different fields of application for the mesotherapy. It is used for the rejuvenation of the skin, for different forms of hair-loss al males or females as well as for the treatment of stretch marks or striations of pregnancy.

What has to be considered prior to the treatment?

It is important not to take anti coagulatory pharmaceuticals or to have yourself inoculated before the treatment. Moreover you should not apply any ointments, makeup or powder to the areas to be attended at the day of the treatment.

How does the therapy take place?

Before the treatment, a anesthetic ointment is applied to the skin. After a short time, the skin which has to be treated will be deep-cleaned. Then the agents will be brought into the skin by the help of very fine and short injection needles. You might feel a slight stitching or burning while the treatment takes place.

How does my skin look after the therapy?

After the treatment, a light reddening or a slight swelling occurs on the skin, which will fade away within the next few days. Also small bruises can develop.

What has to be considered after the therapy?

During the first few days after the treatment, full bathes, massages, poultices and lymphatic drainages should be avoided. Additionally you are advised to protect the treated areas from direct sunlight, not to visit the sauna, to avoid irradiation by X-rays or a electrotherapy for the first three days and not to wear colored, new or tight fitting cloth on the treated area.

How many treatments are necessary?

Depending on the area and the medical finding, the doctor will set up an individual plan for the therapy with you. To obtain ideal results, various sessions and refreshments throughout the year are necessary.