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Medical cosmetics

We all strive for a nice, healthy and harmonious skin, in which we can feel comfortable. Unfortunately, this skin is not given to every one of us by nature. Environmental influences, bad habitants, our genetic endowments and the daily stress leave clear marks within our face.

The medical cosmetics of our practice offers you a widespread spectrum of therapies and the correlating modern equipment.

Our specialized and qualified medical cosmeticians frequently participate in specialist conferences and educations, in order to provide you the most sophisticated and effective methods of treatment.

For many diseases of the skin, like the acne, an associated medical cosmetics leads to a considerably faster success of the treatment. Mrs. Dr. M. Schröder intensively took care about all acne diseases, within the framework of her university occupations and performed a lot of studies concerning the improvement of the acne therapy. She is a specialist in this field.

By a close collaboration of the dermatologists with the cosmeticians, we provide, due to the medical know-how, the best therapy standards.

But also concerning the care of the skin, we can help you to improve the appearance of your skin and to find a solution for your skin issues. Thereby, we concentrate on scientifically proven agents and care products. This also counts for the applications within the anti-(pro-)aging-therapy, which is often the finishing for a rejuvenation of the skin.

The following treatments are performed by the medical cosmetics in our practice:

Our medical cosmeticians will help you with pleasure, choosing your specific therapy.
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The business hours of our cosmetic division are:

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