Permanent hair removal

hairless legs

We offer safe and reliable procedures to permanently remove undesired hairs at the face, the back, the leg, arms or the bikini line.

For the permanent hair removal we use both, the IPL-system (flashing light) as well as the laser. For this procedure the parameters are adapted to the target structure of the root of the hair and by the strong light or laser influence the root of the hair will be specifically destroyed.

Because just a number of hairs are in the state of the sensitive development (early anaphase), where they can be destroyed, repeated sessions are necessary to obtain a permanent hair reduction.

The number of treatments depends on the body area. Between the sessions an interval of at least 4 weeks is required. Longer breaks do not affect the result of the therapy.

The procedure is equally effective for males as for females, for a dense hair coat, generally more sessions are necessary and for instance a hair fluff can remain at the back.

In the summertime, if the skin is slightly tanned, mainly the laser is used, in the wintertime mainly the flashing lighte, because the skin has less contact with UV-radiation.

In general the skin should not be pre-tanned for the IPL-therapy and afterwards be protected from UV-radiation.

What has to be considered in advance?

4-6 weeks prior to the treatment the ski ares should not be twitched or waxed. Shaving is still possible.

1-2 days prior to the treatment, the skin ares have to be shaved. Moreover it is important that you do not apply any self tanning lotion to the skin in advance.

Can I pursue my habitual activities after the treatment?

After the treatment you can attend your daily routine, but you should avoid to visit the swimming bath for 24 hour before and after the therapy. Chlorine water can irritate the skin.

How many sessions are necessary?

The number of treatments varies depending on the body region, type of skin, hair structure and density of hair. Between the sessions an interval of at least 4 weeks should be kept.

We would like to give advise to you about this topic in a personal counseling interview.