Scar treatment

Scars can have various origins and they can have different forms of appearance. For some scars, like the scar excrescence (keloid) the genetic predisposition plays an important role. Other scars occur by chronic skin diseases like the acne or as a result of accidents or surgical operations. The modern dermatology offers a range of different therapy forms for all kinds of scars.

Fundamentally distinguished forms:

In general it has to be considered, that a recreation of the original skin is not possible with a scar treatment, but an improvement of the appearance of the skin is aspired.

To achieve this aim, different forms of treatment come into consideration.

Slightly sunken whitely scars

These scars often appear within the purpose of an acne disease and are located in the face, at the decollete or at the back. Other reasons could be chickenpox, scratches or superficial burnings.

The following therapy forms come into consideration:

Depending on the manifestation, we choose the therapy which suits you best.

Deeply sunken lesion scars

hese scars occur on the skin in consequence of accidents, lesions or after severe forms of acne and can affect the person concerned in a higher degree.
For the treatment primarily the surgical removal or the use of hyaluronic acid comes into consideration.

Raised red scars

This type of scar occurs, corresponding to the genetic endowment, in consequence of surgical operations, wound closure but also after other lesions. Sometimes already the application of special scar ointments is helpful. If this does not lead to a flattening of the scar, especially the fractionated laser therapy comes into consideration.

Proliferating scars (keloids)

The development of proliferating scars always depends on a genetic endowment. They can occur in consequence of surgical operations, accidents and micro lesions. Characteristic for this type of scar is the proliferation over the margin of the scar. As a treatment special scar patches, cortisone injections, the cryotherapy or laser treatments come into consideration.