Small Child

Dermatology for children

Children are more than just small adults. An optimal, age-appropriate treatment of the array of child skin diseases, with due regards to the specific needs of the sensitive skin from children is very important for us.
We try to arrange the consultation of you and your child as comfortable as possible and therefore we offer a consultation hour for children with extra short waiting periods.

The skin of children is particularly sensitive

In relation to the body weight, the body surface of babies and children in contrast to an adult is considerably larger. Thus the consequences of environmental impacts and water loss are more intense. External applied agents reach the circulatory system in much higher doses while childhood. Therefore this higher absorption has to be considered when choosing creams and ointments with active ingredients.

The gentle skin from children reacts more sensitive to differences in temperature (heat and air conditioning) and solar radiation. As well it does not have a self protection yet. This self protection slowly establishes from the second year of age. That is why the skin from children has to be particularly protected.

UV radiation while childhood benefits the establishment of birthmarks. A high number of birthmarks is associated to the risk to contract black skin cancer while lifetime.

Most commonly occurring diseases for children

A frequent disease while childhood is the neurodermatitis. It can already start within the first month of life, is attended by milk crust on the head and proceeds with variable intensity. Among the hereditary component, also allergies assume an important role.

We can teach you how to deal with these allergies and which is the most adequate care for the skin of your child.

Children oftentimes also suffer from warts. These are mostly virus warts at the hands or feet. But also the so called mollucums contagiosum, which can occur at the arms, legs or the torso are quite frequent during childhood.
Normally warts are initially treated with external applied lotions. Here also many naturopathy formulations are helpful. If these treatments are not successful, the so called WIRA ® - therapy comes into consideration. Thereby the concerned skin areas are repeatedly irradiated by a water filtered infrared light. By the increase in temperature in the deeper layers of the skin, the wart-causing viruses die off.

Children are not „small adults“

Many children manifest many freckles since their birth. Mostly they are harmless, but in some cases they should be supervised regularly. Therefore the computer based documentation of pigment spots is particularly qualified.
child at fotofinderexamination
With the aid of a digital analysis of pigment spots, a clearly more detailed depiction and thus an assessment of pigment spots is possible, than with traditional procedures. Moreover, these specialized photographs permit an objective comparison of pigment spots during follow-ups. Take advantage of the consultation-hour for children, in which we will be very appreciative of your children.