Young woman with light wrinkles

Anti-aging treatments

In our contemporary society, an attractive and cultivated outward appearance is getting more and more important. With the increasing average life expectancy, the health maintenance of the skin, the therapy and especially the prevention plays a major role.

The natural aging of the skin begins at the 25th year of ones life, even if not already visible. In the course of time, our bad lifestyle habits, like smoking, strong and frequent UV-radiation, intense facial expressions and a wrong care of the skin, reflect on our skin. Then, the first wrinkles and a tired, pale complexion is visible.

The aging process is divided into the biological aging and the aging by external influences. Biologically, the speed of the cell renewal is slowing down and the ability of the skin to accumulate water is decreasing. Within the deeper layers of the skin, more collagen is breaking down with advancing age, whereby the skin looses elasticity and tensioning force.

One of the most frequent factors for an early aging of the skin by external influences is the UV-radiation. UV-radiation creates free radicals, which attack and destroy protein structures within the tissue. This leads to an prematurely aging of the skin. Therefore, antioxidants are an effective medium against free radicals.

With an advancing age, our skin changes and therewith also its outward appearance. Depending on the circumstances and the environmental influences, to which you are exposed every day, this is visible by the following symptoms:

The skin is getting thinner, sebum- and perspiratory glands reduce their production amount and the connective tissue looses elasticity. Results of these changes are a dry skin, a tired, pale complexion and a wrinkle development. Ointments are not enough in most cases to prevent these appearances. Cremes with a high concentration of active agents can be used very well preventively, or additionally to the modern anti aging therapies.

We offer you several anti aging treatments in our practice:

Often, an optimal result can be obtained by a combination of different procedures. Our doctors and medical cosmeticians will be happy to give you advice and to find the appropriate and most effective method for you. Of course, it is important to properly groom oneself, also at home. Our cosmeticians will lend you their support by choosing the right care products for you.

Appropriate agents for the anti aging treatment:

  • Vitamin C
    stimulates the connective tissue metabolism and boosts the collagen and elastin production
  • Vitamin B3
    operates as an antioxidant and is an important agent in the battle against premature skin aging
  • Vitamin E
    is regarded as a cell protection vitamin and operates as an antioxidant
  • Green tea polypherols
    leads to a reduction of DNA damages, as well as to an significant lower production of „sun-burn-cells“, by too high and frequent UV-radiation.