Woman at pigment traetment

Pigment spots

There exist many different types of pigments marks. A differentiation is impossible for an amateur.

A harmless mark can be quite dark and large, a potentially vulnerable or malignant one can be rather inconspicuous. According to this, we perform an exact diagnosis in our practice before the treatment, and sometimes a micro tissue (histological) examination is necessary in advance.

Many types of pigment marks can be straightforwardly removed with the laser or the flashing light. Some like the real nevus cells nevi should not be removed with the laser, because this could lead to an unintended activation of these cells.

The following pigment marks are quite common and can be removed without complications:

1. Flat age marks (lentigo seniles)

Flat age marks are mainly located on the back of the hand, in the face or at the lower legs. So at the light exposed areas.

A particular gentle procedure to remove pigment marks and age marks is the flashing light (IPL Quantum HR/S).

It can selectively destroy the aimed structures, by the directed influence of light. This method suits especially for the extensive treatment of age marks at the hands, arms, decollete or the legs.

The bright light pulse is applied to the skin by a cooled handpiece and it is felt as a short heat impulse. An immediate darkening of the pigment spot will be visible, a sign for a sufficient destruction of the pigment.

Within the next weeks, the pigment will be passed to the surface of the skin, which will stay unimpaired at this time.. In the following a nice and equal pigmentation of the skin will occur. To achieve this goal, mostly a number of treatments in an interval of a few weeks are necessary.

This procedure is also used for the treatment of extensive vascular dilatations and a reddening of the skin.

2.Raised age marks (seborrheic warts))

These black or very irregular pigment spots can occur in the face on the head but also, at an certain affinity, in a large number on the torso. For the removal, the CO2-laser is very suitable.