Dr. med. Meike Schröder

Dr. med. Meike Schröder studied human medicine at the Georg-August-Universität Göttingen and the medical University Hannover. She owes her particular excitement for the dermatology to her former lecturer Prof. Ippen. The dermatological education started early by Prof. Jung in the university hospital Mannheim,followed by a period as an assistant doctor under Prof. Burg in the university hospital Zürich.

The postgraduate training as a medical specialist for skin and venereal diseases happened within the years under Prof. Orfanos at the university hospital Benjamin Franklin, Berlin. Here also followed the graduation with the grade „summa cum laude“.

Dr. Meike Schröder awarded the „Stiefelpreis“ as an acknowledgement for an outstanding graduation.

She became a medical specialist for dermatology and venereology at the university hospital Magdeburg under her doctorate supervisor Prof. Gollnick. Acquisition of the qualification in allergology.

During her occupation at the university hospitals, Dr. Schröder was mainly responsible for the fields of the surgical dermatology and the aesthetic dermatology.. Scientifically she was concerned with the acne diseases, peeling methods and the telemedicine and she gave many lectures on conventions to these topics.

Dr. Schröder acquired additional qualifications within the field of the natural medicine and the psychosomatic medicine.

She assumed the medical practice for dermatology in Berlin Zehlendorf from Dr. Gunda Köppen-Groß.
She is delighted by the popularity and the loyalty of many patients over many years. The surgical and the aesthetic dermatology just as the laser medicine still highlight the emphasis within the medical office. Dr. Schröder is particularly specialized in thenon-surgical wrinkle treatment and wrinkle treatment by injection and she is regularly getting involved in the masterclasses of globally acknowledged doctors.