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Permanent makeup

What woman would not want to have the certainty to have a good appearance and to look fresh and cultivated in every situation without the danger of a ruined makeup and without investing much time for it.
Permanent makeup is the perfect solution for it. By a consequent and very accurate working in the epidermis, delicate drawings can be created on the skin. According to the requests of our patients the possibilities reach from very natural to expressive.

Incomplete or too slim and too short grown eyebrows are completed with a fine hair drawing.
The eyes are emphasized discreetly at the lash comp with a fine line, or strongly with an eyeliner.
The lips ain a clear outline and a shade which appears natural and well supplied with blood. Also the wish for fuller and more even lips can be fulfilled by an appropriate location of the outline.

How does the pigmentation work?

The design of the pigmentation is exactly created by a pre-drawing. According to your wishes and my recommendations, we develop the individual draft for your permanent makeup together. After the shape and form is precisely determined with an special pen, the implantation of the color pigments begins.
Our colors underlie a very high quality standard, they are toxicological and microbiological tested and are equipped with a legally fixed lot number. To maintain an optimal result, two sessions are necessary.

A gentle approach is ideal, whereas the shaping and coloring is started in a natural manner and can be varied in the follow-ups on your demand. By this you have the opportunity to express any changing wishes.

How long does the permanent makeup last?

Depending on the type of the skin and the age, the permanent makeup has a durability of 3-5 years. Within this time period, the pigmentation dulls slowly. As a prevention we recommend a refreshment after approx. 1-2 years.

What has to be considered before the treatment?

Please tell us if you are on a drug, or if diseases or allergies are on hand, which are contrary to a pigmentation. To exclude an reaction on the color, you can perform a color tolerance test in the forehand.

Predrawing lips

For one week before the treatment, please avoid extreme sun irradiation, face treatments with fruit acid or microdermabrasion. For 12 hours before the treatment, no alcohol should be consumed.

Which pigments are used?

Our pigments come form the trade name PUREBEAU®, who are known for their high quality standards. The pigments are dermatological and allergological tested and present a very good skin tolerance.

Are there any adverse effects?

At a properly pigmentation no side effects occur in the long-term. The skin is temporarily opened by the pigmentation to implant the color. Thus a reddening or slight swellings of the skin are not unusual after the treatment. At the time of the practice, a bit tissue fluid can emerge and a light feel of pain can occur.

What has to be considered after the pigmentation?

A pigmentation needs extensive care. Mrs. Mensinga offers you the care products which should be used after the treatment and she will also explain you the correct care of the pigmented skin areas.

Human pigmentation

A special form of permanent makeup is the human pigmentation. After a breast surgery, we recreate your breast nipple optically, with the help of a pigmentation.

After an extensive consulting and a pre-drawing, we are able to adapt the nipple to the other, or to recreate it optically. This procedure can also be used for white localized scars.